We are committed to helping business and personal development at work. However, we operate a confidential service and therefore do not disclose identifiable details within our marketing materials. However, our clients are happy to speak with you personally and provide you with further examples of their Progression People experience, the positive impact that it has made on their business.

Progression People Case Study A
Case Study - Client A

Overview: Knowledge

Progression People were contacted by a Human Resources company, which had recently changed ownership. Some staff members, identified early on as key contributors to the business, had lost motivation and career confidence. There was a clear loss of focus under a new management team who were keen to implement new working processes. There needed to be a renewed focus on their personal development at work.


Through one-to-one coaching, staff could redefine their goals and mind set, discovering the underlying limiting beliefs responsible for the loss of confidence.

Rebuilding self-esteem, they identified career goals that had been subverted by a loss of motivation. With redefined knowledge of their abilities and personal goals, high-achieving staff members could rebuild their place in the business and gain a rewarding sense of active contribution.


Having identified key motivations and placing a renewed focus on communication, business relations were refreshed. In a six-month period, the company staff were able to rediscover their career momentum, with some being recognised for management roles.

Progression People Case Study B
Case Study - Client B

Overview: Knowledge

A growing IT Consultancy firm was undergoing a busy transitional period, having recently secured two large contracts. These new clients meant that they were now expected to provide their service on a much larger scale. This rapid change created some anxiety within the staff and they were faced with many difficult decisions in order to efficiently manage their growth.


After coaching, the consultancy firm was able to develop a clear knowledge of the company’s business goals. It was important to establish space for the staff’s own personal goals within the changing business plan. The team were keen to develop a more positive work / life balance, which had been neglected in a fast growing business.

There was some apprehension surrounding the decision to cater to a new client demographic, without the clear knowledge of a long-term plan and focus for the business.


Through team training and executive coaching the company could define its growth, objectives and targets. Additionally, individual team members established key time management tools, thus developing more efficient working processes.

By focusing on building a clear management structure and increasing the confidence of the entire team, the company was able to prepare for the transition into a more demanding client base.