Mindfulness in Schools LogoProgression People together with the London Borough of Sutton launched the “Mindfulness in Sutton Secondary Schools Initiative” following recommendations from a government advisory body, the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), that Mindfulness practice should be made a priority throughout the Education sector for both teachers and pupils.

Together with teaching representatives from a range of Sutton-based secondary schools, Progression People are delivering a Mindfulness for Schools programme aimed at preparing young people for later life, through the use of techniques designed to increase their understanding of the power of emotions and how best to process them appropriately.

 We all recognise that teenage years can be a confusing time, as teenagers grapple with claiming independence alongside a change / increase in hormone levels, which together can result in mood swings, a lack of self confidence, a longing to fit in and pressure to achieve. That is a lot of responsibility for any individual, let alone at a time when young people are often trying to establish their own identity.

 Additionally, stress amongst teachers is at an all time high. Unions are blaming overwhelming workloads for large numbers of teachers taking time off, or simply leaving the profession whilst insurance industry data suggests stress is the biggest cause for staff absence, bar maternity. Within a recent BBC study of the profession, with a sample group of 3,500, 67% told the BBC that their job had adversely impacted upon their mental or physical health, with 5% having been hospitalised and 2% admitting to self-harming.

 So, if both students and staff are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety, how do we break the cycle?

Mindfulness for Teachers

The training of teachers in Mindfulness has been recommended as a method of reducing the heightened stress levels encountered throughout the education system. It has been found that Mindfulness programmes in schools are effective in preventing mental ill-health. Promising potential has been shown in enabling young people to develop their well-being through improvements to their:

 – Attention span

– Ability to focus

– Emotion regulation

– Improved relationships with peers and teachers

 It is now recommended that bodies such as Public Health England should work with CAMHS and other public health teams in order to promote Mindfulness for young people in schools. Further, the Government is now supporting schools to focus on a sustainable implementation of Mindfulness for both students and teachers alike.


Mindfulness for Schools

Progression People deliver a unique three phase Mindfulness ‘Train the Teacher’ programme which takes the participant through an initial 8 week course introducing Mindfulness into their own lives and helping them to better manage stress, through to guided ‘work-place’ Mindfulness practice, ending with an intensive ‘Train the Teacher’ course which equips them to pass on Mindfulness tools to students.

 If you feel that your Borough or Educational Organisation would benefit from Mindfulness Training, please contact us now to find out more about our tailored programmes.

Our bespoke Mindfulness courses and programmes concentrate on the practical implementation of Mindfulness techniques in order to generate measurable results.

Find out more how you or your school can benefit from Mindfulness : Mindfulness for Teachers – Foundation Programme



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